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Crown King Molding Jig

Part Number 880 - Crown King Molding Jig
Crown King Molding Jig
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Professionally Cut Crown Molding Joints Easily and Precisely. The Crown King jig lets you cut perfectly mitered interior (INT) and exterior (EXT) corner joints—right out of the box—on 38, 45, or 52 degree (spring angle) crown moldings. No compound-angle cutting, back-cuts, coping, difficult angle calculations, auxiliary fences, or confusing upside-down miter box positioning are required. The Crown King crown molding Jig allows you to cut moldings the way they look on the wall. The jig is comprised of two pieces: the jig itself and a versatile and reconfigurable yellow insert for 38 and 52 degree spring angles. This insert is also used to simplify molding installation. Markings on the insert quickly help you to position the insert for the correct spring angle of 38 or 52 degrees. The jig automatically positions moldings for accurate miter cutting. The jig is set-up for 45-degree spring angle moldings, and the removable (yellow) adapter quickly reconfigures the jig to 38 or 52 degree spring angles. Crown moldings may be installed either-side up, but the wall and ceiling face angles are different. Knowing which molding angle faces the wall determines how jig is set up for cutting. Cutting sequences are simplified by guide marks embossed on the jig top. All interior (INT) and exterior (EXT) corner miters for right-side moldings are made with the jig on the right side of the saw blade; cuts to left-side moldings are made by positioning the jig on the left side of the blade. Use an adjustable angle finder, T-bevel, or protractor to measure interior (INT) or exterior (EXT) corners. Divide the angle (in degrees) in half and set the saw’s blade angle to this number. Each molding angle equals half of the total corner angle for both left- or right-hand cuts. To obtain an accurate miter cut length, first set your saw at the proper angle for your cut (right or left) and set the Crown King jig on the saw table, as far back from the blade as necessary for cutting clearance. Then either clamp the jig, set the rail end stop or mark the jig’s location on the saw fence. Place a scrap piece of molding into the jig and make a test cut. With the piece still in the jig, measure from the bottom of the jig to the cut edge. This is the measurement you will need to offset your final cuts at this angle. When making final cuts, extend your molding (wall length) mark beyond the jig by this same distance and cut the molding as shown. Repeat the procedure when making cuts on the opposite angle. HELPFUL HINTS The Crown King Jig requires no additional parts or accessories to cut perfectly matching miter joints. Miters of almost any angle can be accomplished by simply resetting the blade angle of the saw. If more than one molding length is required to span the distance between corners, set your saw at a 22.5-degree angle to cut and join the mating lengths. If the saw blade guard interferes with or is obstructed by large moldings, manually retract the guard as necessary. For safety, never remove, block, or disable the blade guard.
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